Online menu

Publish your restaurant menu with Atensiq or link a menu from your own website and allow your customers to preview your restaurant menu from their mobile devices.

Waiter call and bill request buttons

The basic functions of Atensiq that allow customers to call the waiter or request the bill via his mobile device.

The restaurant receives instant notifications in the administrator application.

Estas características están disponibles con el plan Esencial gratuito.

Atensiq customer service system
Valoraciones del cliente con Atensiq

Customer satisfaction survey

Atensiq allows customers to rate and leave feed backs about the the service they receive. An essential tool for conducting satisfaction surveys and making decisions about the service improvement.

Newsletter subscriptions

Allows your customers to subscribe to the Newsletter easily. This way you can send special offers and promotions from your restaurant and stay in touch with your customers.

Connected with Mailchimp, the leading mailing platform on the market.

Valoraciones del cliente con Atensiq
Pedidos remotos con Atensiq

Online & local order notifications from WooCommerce

Atensiq allows to receive instant notifications about orders placed from your online restaurant built with WooCommerce. A solution designed for restaurants that offer home delivery. It will also allow your restaurant guests to place orders directly to the kitchen from their mobile devices.

See an example of online restaurant connected with Atensiq here.

Need help implementing the plugin or even the complete design for your website? Contact us at admin@atensiq.com.