Terms and Conditions


The conditions described below regulate the use of the service (below the Service) provided by Atensiq under the domain atensiq.com (below Atensiq) to the users who sign up to it (below the User). Atensiq reserves the right to modify the Terms and conditions without prior notice to the Users, and it is the responsibility of the Users to update their knowledge on these Terms and conditions.

Subscription subject

The subscribed Service is specified in each individual plan and includes the features described on the subscription page. The subscription to the Service does not include the supply of other products such as the devices shown on the website.


The service is provided “as is” and as long as it is available. Atensiq undertakes to do everything possible to avoid service interruptions except situations that are not under the control of Atensiq and planned maintenance on which the client will be notified in advance.


The User needs a valid digital payment method to signup to the payed services. The payment is made in advance for the number of months chosen by the User and the subscription will currently not auto-renew after the time period is ended.

If the User is not satisfied with the subscribed Service, he has the right to request the refund of the cost during the first 30 days by writing the request to admin@atensiq.com.

Consequences of use

The User is solely responsible for the consequences arising from the use of this Service, including the consequences that affect the clients of the User. The User agrees to give appropriate use to the Service and not perform practices aiming to damage the Service.

Privacy policy

The Client accepts the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy when subscribing to the Service and submits various forms on the website that may collect personal data.

Last modified: 01/10/2019