How to measure customer satisfaction for restaurants

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How to measure customer satisfaction for restaurants

How to measure customer satisfaction for restaurants 1200 938 Alexis de Atensiq

Any business has its strengths and weaknesses. Some of them we know and others are not so obvious. Some of them are directly related to the customer experience and more if we are talking about the catering and restaurant sector. But how do we measure customer satisfaction?

Modern technologies provide us with various tools that are relatively cheap and at the same time effective. If your customers are subscribed to your restaurant´s newsletter, you can send them a customer satisfaction survey by email (Get subscribers for your resturant with Atensiq). Your restaurant may also have a profile on TripAdvisor-like websites where your visitors can leave ratings and comments openly. Although it is a double-edged sword and the main reason you may have presence on those websites is to gain visibility for greater number of potential clients. But if you are looking to monitor customer satisfaction in a private manner you should consider other methods.

Atensiq offers an easy-to-use and effective tool for conducting customer satisfaction surveys for restaurants. You will only need to get a free subscription to the Atensiq service, print special QR codes and attach them to every table of your restaurant. By simply scanning the QR code your customers will accesses the web application where they can rate the service and leave a feedback. No installations needed as it it works in the standard mobile browser. Learn more about what Atensiq can offer for your business here.