Why install waiter calling system and its types

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Why install waiter calling system and its types

Why install waiter calling system and its types 1200 938 Alexis de Atensiq

New technologies exist to make life easier, businesses more efficient and customers more satisfied. The catering sector has also benefited from innovations although much remains to be improved.

Customer service is one of the most important areas restaurants should take care of and continuously improve. Such simple actions like calling the server or requesting the check can sometimes be troublesome for customers. This translates to unsatisfied customer and increased turn over time. To solve this problem you can increase your staff or look for a technological solution. Unless your restaurant image requires you may choose the thechnological option, which is also more cost effective. So let´s explore the options for service callining systems.

The most used systems are wireless buttons (also called waiter call buttons and waiter pagers) that incorporate at least two buttons, one for calling the server and another to ask for the check. You need one device for each table. The advantage of this system is that they are easy to understand and use for any audience. The not so good thing is that, depending on the number of tables and the manufacturer you choose, the initial investment may be high.

A QR waiter calling system is an alternative to the wireless devices. The QR calling system takes advantage of customers’ smartphones. It works by scanning the QR code attached to each table of your restaurant. After scanning the code the customer accesses the application that offers the same service calling functions as their physical counterparts and more. These systems may be not as fast to use but they are more versatile and do not need a high initial investment.

The main advantage of the QR service calling systems is the possibility to incorporate other valuable funcions. For instance, with Atensiq you can collect satisfaction surveys, gain subscribers to the newsletter, link to your social networks and your restaurant web page and more features are yet to come. Atensiq offers Free plans for restaurants with less than 25 tables. Get your subscription here.